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Seven Hills Survey & Engineers offers all kinds of Surveying and Engineering Solutions. 

# Mechanised Tunnel Surveying Solutions

Our Tunnel Survey Team is Equipped with the highly sophisticated surveying equipment and Softwares to do the Mechanised Tunnel Survey such as Machine Measurements, Mould measurements, Setting out of Cradles, Setting out of Reaction frames, Wriggles Surveys, alignment calculations, Tunnel Centreline calculations, Track Centreline calculations, Walkway Setting outs, Spring line marking, Re-alignment of Tunnels, Zig-Zag Traverse, Network, Double Zig-Zag Networks and Breakthrough Protocols.

# Conventional Tunnel Surveying Solutions

Sevenhills Survey& Engineers provides all the required recording and setting out work for conventional tunnelling. In this context we mark and specify individual points and axis required for construction of planned underground structure such as, Setting out of Temporary Support System, inner lining, Convergence measurements carriageway, track, drains, Alignment calculations, Traverse Network and Drilling Pattern marking for blasting. We also provide fixed laser guidance system for precision excavation control.

# Deformation Monitoring

We also undertake the Optical Deformation measurements/monitoring with help of Total station and optical target installed at fix location of building, bridge, tunnel, dam etc. The coaxial distance (convergence measurements) measurement satisfies the demands of Geotechnical Engineers and provides the Geotechnical Engineer the evaluation of absolute displacement in three dimensional spaces. Displaying the results graphically supports the Geotechnical engineer to interpret the deformation behaviour of tunnel surface and other structures.

# Construction Setting out works

We also offer the Construction Setting out work for any Construction Site with High Precision Survey Equipments. In order to maintain the Quality of Survey Setting out, we do our own Independent checks of the Setting out works.

# Topographical Surveys

We also undertake the Topographical Surveys with help of Latest Survey Instruments. The Detailed Topographical Maps shows the detailed objects on the surface, nature of the earth surface which satisfies the demands of Engineering Projects involving metros, road, irrigation, railways, reservoirs, townships.etc


# Road Surveys

We undertake the Road Surveys project, Our Professional Survey teams are well aware of advanced technology to help us in handling the Road Survey effectively and precisely.


# Cadastral Surveying

We also offer the cadastral Surveying which is linked to land ownership and property with Latest Survey Equipments.

# Irrigation Surveying

We also undertake the Irrigation Surveys projects. Our Team are capable to do the Survey of Command Area, Contouring, Collection of Hydraulic data of all existing structures, drains, nalla, water bodies etc in the Command area.

# Survey Network Establishment

To meet the high quality demands for underground construction work, the creation of highly accurate geodetic network is essential. Sevenhills Survey &Engineers meet these requirements by using up to date methods and technologies. The experience and training of our staff also contributes significantly to the accurate construction of Project and other permanent structures with proper interface and accuracy.

# GPS Surveying

We offer GPS Survey for control point’s establishment for High precision Geodetic Network.

# Providing Survey teams with Instruments for All kinds of Survey works.

We also provide the Survey Teams to the Clients for Setting out work on monthly basis with Our Instruments.

# Building Plans as Per Vastu and Structural Design.

We offer Building Plans as per vastu with detailed design of Structures. We offer complete estimation, calculations, design,plans, etc. As per vastu.  

# Survey Software Training.

We also offer Survey Software Training such as Tunnel Wriggle Survey Software, Tunnel 3d Monitoring Softwares, Network adjustment Softwares. We have rich experience in Construction Surveying of Tunnelling, Roads, Building, Highways, etc.

# Customized Software Solutions to Surveying

Our Programming Team and Survey Teams are capable to do Customized Software solutions for the Construction Job Site.

# Quantity Calculations

To meet the demands of accurate measurement and Quantity Calculation of the Mass Earthwork Excavation, Dump Yard, and Stock Piles of the Job Site, the creation of accurate ground profile is essential. Seven hills Survey &Engineers meets these requirements by using latest Instruments and Software to generate the ground profile and provides the base for billing.