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Sevenhills Survey & Engineers Team Goal is always to provide the correct tools and correct device to Surveyors to achieve perfect setting out and precise measurements at job site. Our Team members are experienced Surveyor and Engineers and we understand the requirements of the Customers.

We are always with our Customers to help tailor-made solutions.

Our Products:

Glass Mini Prism

Bireflex Target

Building Settlement Monitoring Point


Tunnel Survey Bracket Base Plate

Tunnel Survey Bracket

Soil Settlement Point (450mm)

Soil Settlement Point (1300mm)

Pavement Market

Bench Mark Point for Tunnel

Stainless Steel Control Point

Tunnel Profile Disk

Adopter for Bireflex Target(M8)

Adopter for Bireflex Target(Convergence Rod)

Convegence Rod

Convergence Rod with Protection Cover for Blasting

Change Point for Leveling(Heavy Duty)

Change Point for Leveling(Light Duty)

Pavement Glass Prism

Alluminium Soil Settlement Point

Glass Prism-L Shape

Survey Marker Nails

Survey Umbrella

M8 Threaded Nails

Mangnet Prism

Tilt Plate

Circular Glass Prism

Woden Tripod Heavey Duty